May5 11pm Info This season  was one full of many challenges but more rewards!  Congratulations to Ashley and Lauren on being elected Co-Captains for 2003-2004.  Thank you to our current captains (Ashley, Liz and Nora) for a job well done!    Thanks to all of you for the nomination of the Smith Coach of the Year.  I am moved by the statement you shared with me and your willingness to take the time to prepare and present the nomination...thank you.  I will cherish it always!!  I also thank you for the wonderful collage and the creativity that went into the making.  We made some great good memories this season and now I have the pictures to prove it.  Thank you.
Apr29 10:30pm Info Congratulations to a very SMART team..the smartest at Smith College (3.614)!!!!!  The plaque is already up outside of my office door!  Well done, Smith Tennis!!!!!  Let's do it again next year!!
Apr30 10am Info Excellent wrap-up article by Joanna Wong
Apr17 2pm Info Smith Tennis In ActionSmith Varsity Team, Spring03.  Check out additional links to pictures  for the volunteer projects listed below.  New pictures:  Seven Sisters' ,    
Keeping warm, Check links on heading and quote above.
Apr17 8am Info The clinic with Girls, Inc was a huge success due to your enthusiasm AND your good teaching skills. 
Apr17 11am Info Good match, Varsity2Article here and also in the resource section under results.
Apr13 10pm Info Thanks to all of you that took the time to participate in the spring community service project for the athletic dept on Sunday.  Once again we had the the highest percentage of participants!
Apr13 8pm Info Congrats on good tennis and team work Sat, April 12! The article about the Bowdoin/Trinity match is here and in the results section. By the way, Bowdoin defeated Trinity 6-3.  Trinity won at #2 and #5 singles and #2 doubs. Check the official Smith athletic site (under "news") for specific scores of our matches.
Apr13 8pm Action Goal sheet for April 14-21 is here and listed in the "resource" section below.  Intense Tennis is on Thursday this week.  Goal sheet for next week will not be posted until Tuesday, Apr22.
Apr11 7pm Info Smith Tennis in Orlando.  Thank you, Joanna for the pics!!!!   Spring Break Trip Highlights by Nora;  Ruth's pictures are posted on the public site.
Apr7 8:30am Info Smith finished 3d in the 2003 Seven Sisters' Championship.  Congratulations on a solid outcome.  Seven Sisters Championship article by Maija and Nora.
Apr8, 1am Info Version 11 of the April calendar is the most current. Goal sheet for April 7-11. is available here and below in the resource section. 
Apr3 11pm Info Here are the  Seven Sisters' highlights from last year. 
Mar31, 1am Info Here is  Cami's article!! .   Wesleyan(8-1) and Brandeis(5-1) results are listed in the resource section.
Mar8 6pm Info Smith vs Skidmore 5-3 Check out the public site of the article (click on Varsity1 Schedule/Results).  For individual scores, click on "results" on this page.
Mar6 12n Info If you are REALLY serious about being the BEST tennis player you can be, check out some tennis web sites: is one of my favorites.  The QuickTime movies are great for visualization.  It will not be long before you will have your own QuickTime movie!!!
Mar5 4pm Info  Here is some literature on the latest about static stretching.  For all of you overachievers, here are some conditioning suggestions  which can be done over spring break regardless where you are.  For additional information, see the trainers or Jim Johnson.
Feb26 2pm Action Here is the ball machine testing sheet for practice and our just for fun video:
Feb27 10am Action Indirect matches results
Jan29 9am Action Smith Tennis Team Captains
Varisty1 :  LizL: 6733, AshleyK 7653, NoraT 5509 Varsity2:  MichelleM: 7066  , AngelaM:  7551
Feb4 10pm Action Smith Tennis Calendars:   



Jan25 8pm Info Just for fun:  Check out this website and see if you recognize anyone!!!
Jan15 4pm Info Varsity-1 Those committed to the Orlando trip include AshleyK, CamiW, KatyW, LaurenK, LizL, RuthL, JoannaW, NoraT, MandyK, ChuckJ and ChrisD


 Training Squad

Deedie Steele is the Coach of the JV Training Squad and can be reached at, or phone 586-8848.
Varsity-1 , 2 and Training Squad  April calendar
  TEAM:     Team standards , Goal Setting=R.E.W.A.R.D.


General Goal Sheet
Goal sheet for Apr21-26  
  STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING:  Strength Training Program
  JOURNAL:  Journal Page.  Start your journal today!  Track your progress.
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